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Autoreg accounts.Use with pc!
The archives will be uploaded to a file sharing site (get a link to mega nz and download)
How to use:

1. Download the archive, unzip.
2. In a common folder add client telegram portable (download from the official site and be sure to the latest version)
3. Run

Go exclusively from a clean private IP address! For this you need a paid proxy or a good VPN!
It is forbidden to use for illegal purposes!!!
● Registered to Indonesian numbers +63 IDN
● Surname and first name in Latin script
● Added avatar
● 1 month or more old
● Gender - mix
● Account format - Tdata
● Issue format - download link
● Account size is maximally compressed

Non-valid is replaced only on presentation of a video with manual verification, from the moment of registration of the order and finishing a login in the account, without interruption of video. If you do not provide a video, the replacement may be denied!