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Pinterest with e-mail (based Can Follow !

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Visuals are the great way of attracting the visitors in any website. No wonder that in virtual era, we are surrounded with various photo sharing applications beacuse not only they make a profile attractive but also give voice to the passion of photography. Fitered images to naturally clicked phtopgraphes, all are welcomed. One such interesting social networking site is Pinterest that as the name itself suggest that it “pins” the content and information likewise portray a office display board where the information paper is pinned for every one to see. One such social netwoking platform which promote the information and content through images is Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an social networking platform that enables users to visually share, and find new interests by posting images or videos on one’s own or on other’s dashboard and following what various users are posting and searching. Cocerning more with visual media, the social networking platform is especially centered around the idea of a man's way of life, enabling you to share your tastes and interests to others and finding those of likeminded individuals. The aim of Pinterest is to connect everyone in webworld through tyhe medium of common interest and hobbies.Users can either upload images from their computer or pin the content from internet which they find interesting enough to share with other users in Pinterest.

Pinterest Features

Pinterest work as a online bulletin and allows to share everything that users find interesting. The intresting features of Pinterest leads it to top most spot for users to look for colorful information beacuse pinning interface of Pinterest is something that reminds users of their college days when students look for intrguing material in display board and made themselves aware about the latest events and knowledgable issues. Pinterest is composed of various interactive and efficient features that makes the content sharing more simple and easy.

  • Availability of Chrome Extension: Google’s Chrome is one of the popular browser that is largely utilized by the individulas. Pinterest is now attached in Chrome extension and can be login directly chrome attached Pinterest oprtion.
  • “Picked for you” Option: This option has added to filter the search more effectively. Pinterest include the “Picked for you” in users’s feed , that brings up the information and pins as per your interest. In case if you don’t like feed , you have choose to turn off this feature from your home feed settings.
  • More Sharing Options: If you want to share profile, board or pin , don’t worry the solution is right there. Pinterest is now available with various sharing option i.e. Facebook, watsapp amd SMS Text message.
  • Video Maker: Earlier you can pin the videos from other platforms but from now on, Pinterest allows the video making through its native point. If the basic step of video making is here then we are not far away when better video related features will be there.
  • App Pins: Pinterest provides the users with six types of rich pins that enables to add extra information. Amongst these rich pins, one is App pin that is specifiically used to promote your brand’s app. The charge unit of Pinterest for App Pin is Cost-per-Action.
  • Cinematic Pin: Pinterest has one such impressive video feature called Cinematic Pins. They are initiated through scrolling and contains the similarity with GIF and fairly used Promoted Pins.
  • Promoted Video: Promoted videos are five minute long video that is just like Cinematic Pin. It has advantage of expansion of video, viewing in new tab and below list of relevant products. The charging of promoted video is done by impression.
  • Analytics: For the time being, Pinterest has a basic Analytics. They permits the site owners to track the amount of pinners and pins collecting components from web pages. Pinterest Analytics also track the repinners and repins of those pins. Measuring of total reach, impressions and refferal traffic takes place along with the display. The Pinterest analytics is only confined to webmaster, one may still third-party analytic platforms to detect the highly-engaged pins, influential pinners and popular boards.
  • Pins can be shared with friends: Navigating through various pins, you come across the posts from friends or family, you want to surpise your Pinterest buddy. Now you you can share the favrouite pin with Pinterest friends, Facebook Friends and email contacts.
  • Duplication of Pin Notification: This is the best feature for those who tackles the multiple boards, brands and accounts and having the difficulty in recalling the photo you have pinned at last time. Instead of searching into old pins, Pinterest will remind you through notifications about the pins that you have already pinned so that you don’t pin it second time.
  • Upgradation of Mobile features: In the Pinterest upgraded mobile app , it has included push notification for the tracking of repins and comments. You can also use suggested search term which is earlier available only in web version. You can also mention friends through mobile Pinterest app.