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One of the cool and trendy social platforms in current times is Instagram which is a photo sharing social networking site that allows the user to share the clicked and other kind of photograph in digital mode with other users you are following. Instagram is one of the popular social networking site present digital scenario as it encourages the colorful and interesting way of interaction through photographs only.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a portable, desktop, and web-based photograph sharing application and service that enables clients to share pictures and videos either publicly and privately. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and initiated in October 2010 as a free mobile application solely for the iOS working framework. A version for Android devices was released two years later in fact in April 2012, trailed by a feature restricted site interface in November 2012, and applications for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobilein April 2016 and October 2016 respectively.

After its release in 2010, Instagram quickly picked up the popularity, with one million enlisted users in two months, 10 million in a year, and at last 700 million as of April 2017. The administration was gained by Facebook in April 2012 for roughly US$1 billion in real money and stock. As of April 2017, the Instagram Stories usefulness has more than 200 million dynamic clients, while Instagram Direct has 375 million dynamic clients. (Source: Wikipedia)

Features of Instagram

Instagram is a social media app made for sharing photographs and video recordings from a cell phone. Like Facebook or Twitter, everybody who makes an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed. When you post a photograph or video on Instagram, it will be shown on your profile. Different users who follow you will see your posts in their own particular feed. Similarly, you'll see posts from a different user who you are following. The process is entirely straightforward and It resembles a lot like a streamlined adaptation of Facebook, with an accentuation on mobile utilization and visual sharing. Much the same as other social networking sites, you can connect with different users on Instagram by following them, being followed by them, commenting, liking, tagging and direct messaging. You can even save the pictures you see on Instagram.

  • Filter Management: #nofilter should be the ideal approach for perfect photography. But if you still want to apply the filter which is 40 in number, you needn't bother with them all obstructing your filter strip, compelling you to look through each of them. You can really pick which filter you need to use and sort them in the order you need them to show up. To do as such, swipe to the end of the filters, click the "Manage" icon, and after that select the filters you need. To organize them in a particular order, click the left side and slide them all in the order of up and down.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Instagram has been hit by various hacks in the recent time, trading off user accounts, particularly for well-known users. Indeed, even non-celebrity users with notable followings have been attacked. To help reinforce its security, Instagram has implemented support for the famous security standard called two-factor authentication

  • Image Geotagging: Geotagging your shots gives you a chance to monitor where you've taken them and offers a decent approach to looking back your entire travel diary of photographs. It's likewise helpful to see where other individuals have taken their snaps, giving you a chance to locate the ideal spot to recreate an Instagram picture. Just access any user account (particularly the travel-related accounts) and click the geotag symbol to see where individuals have been. Do note however that there are profiles without photograph maps either because of their security settings or their absence of geotagging action. If you need to specifically hide your own particular travel activity, you can get to your own photo map and deselect certain photographs.
  • Different movements of Photographs: This is only for the time when your photograph is cropped to post as a square (1:1) and no other aspect ratio. To get to the rectify and alter the selected image, first ensure your photograph is a square. At that point click the wrench symbol and after that click "Adjust" (it won't show up if your photograph is not a square). From that point, straightening a photograph is as simple as swiping left and right on the slider to change the degree. A similar thing goes for the tweaking the vertical and even point of view. You can likewise rotate an image by selecting the rotating symbol in the upper right corner.

  • Stories on Instagram: In recent times, Snapchat's user base is quickly broadening, which puts the difficulty on all the significant social medias. Instagram and Facebook are beginning to react with comparable features. Instagram specifically has introduced the feature of showing the Instagram stories. Stories let you post photographs and videos as a progression of short circles with added effects to make your photographs or videos fun and interesting. You can give it a shot by clicking the camera icon, which raises a Snapchat like interface. Click the camera symbol in the upper left corner then click or hold the record button to record a video or click a photograph. Different options incorporate Boomerang which captures numerous photographs and video recorder to make a story. Linked to other social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter are the two most famous social medias for sharing Instagrams, yet there are a decent number of other social networking accounts that can be connected. Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Weibo, Ameba, ミクシィ/Mixi, and Vkontakte are also can be connected. To connect these accounts and make them alternatives for sharing, click the gear symbol from your profile, and under "SETTINGS" click “Linked Accounts" and after that click the accounts you need to include. You'll be made a request to inform about account details of your choice with passwords which is applicable on each selected accounts.
  • Instagram as a Photo Editor: To utilize Instagram as a photograph editor without posting anything, you should simply publish a photo while your mobile is on airplane mode. To start with, make sure you have "Save Original Photo" turned on in your settings. At that point, turn on flight mode. Here are the means by which: To turn on flight mode on an iPhone/iPad: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click the airplane symbol. Or, on the other hand, go to "Settings" and after that "Wi-Fi," and switch "Airplane Mode" on. To turn on flight mode on an Android device: Swipe down from the top of the screen. At that point, swipe from right to left until you see "Settings," and afterward choose it. Touch "Airplane Mode" to turn it on. Next, take after the usual step to post a photograph on Instagram: Upload the photograph, edit it, and press "Share." An error message will show up saying the upload failed, yet you'll access to find the edited photo in your mobile photo gallery.
  • Caption and Bio Convenience: When you compose a caption in Instagram, you'll see the keyboard doesn't give you a choice to press "Enter" or "Return." The same is valid for your profile.

Business Benefits of Instagram

As visual content turns out to be more famous on Social Media, it additionally turns out to be progressively beneficial for brands to make and use. This move to visual online networking implies that an ever increasing number of organizations, of all shapes and sizes, are beginning to connect visually with their fans, followers, and clients. A standout amongst the most mainstream stages that will empower you to use the potential of this shift is Instagram.

With over a million clients, Instagram is one of the best and most-utilized photograph sharing platforms, accessing you to share photographs, and also short recordings of videos, with your followers. Each day millions of photographs are shared on Instagram consistently which is another excellent motivation behind why your business needs to use this platform.

  • Best for Building the Brand: Dissimilar to most social medias, you can't hope to send traffic to your site with each post you make on Instagram. Indeed, you can’t include any website link in your posts—the just a single website link you can have is one in your profile. In any case, it additionally implies that clients will probably follow and communicate with your organization since know you aren't attempting to straightforwardly offer them anything. Rather, you can utilize the platform to fabricate your image. Share client produced content, highlight organization culture, and upload photographs that mirror your qualities and mission. Despite the fact that this sort of substance isn't probably going to drive your followers to wind up clients, it can construct the sort of trust that prompts long term client association.
  • Awareness of Liking: You may not understand it, but rather your followers and audience could as of now be sharing photographs and discussing your business on Instagram. This is particularly valid if your business has a physical area where clients visit all the time. Furthermore, when they tag your area, their followers will see it, allowing clients to advertise your business for your sake. It is an ideal approach to check whether individuals have shared photographs in your area is to snap a photograph at your business and tag your area. After you share the photograph, you will see a link to the photograph that you can click to see the majority of the photographs that have been shared at your store or office. This is a good approach to know what individuals like about your business, and what they're sharing about you.
  • Highly Engaging: Depending upon the nature of the post, branded updates on Facebook and Twitter are in some cases neglected by the client. However, this isn't valid for Instagram clients; having a dynamic Instagram account with valuable and fascinating content can acquire your insane levels of engagement with your target clients. Notwithstanding whether you're utilizing a personal or brand account—Instagram shows posts in sequential order. This is an immense favorable advantage, particularly when you consider that numerous advertisers now utilize paid advertising feature on Facebook basically to get their posts to their own followers.
  • Generate Higher Sales Rate: Making professional looking pictures to promote your products and highlight your services has never been so easier and cost effective. Subsequently, visual platforms like Instagram are accomplishing something other than creating engagement, they are additionally driving sales. Be careful that not to fill your feed with product photographs with a similar caption requesting that individuals "buy now" or "shop online." Instead, search for innovative approaches to show your products and let your photographs represent themselves.

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Going through the personal and professional use of Instagram, one must not forget that Instagram has taken the front seat in the matters of marketing. It is the latest social media that takes the business marketing to one notch higher and create the curiosity amongst the clients to know about the product and services.

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