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Hotmail POP3 / SMTP enabled non PVA - 12 hours guarantee

Hotmail POP3 / SMTP enabled non PVA - 12 hours guarantee

POP3 / IMAP / SMTP enabled

Account format:

login:pass:first name:last name:date of birth

*** Just 12 hours of guarantee after buy. Microsoft ban non pva accounts in about 24 hours after creation

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Available: 0

Hotmail PVA LS

Hotmail PVA LS

POP3 / IMAP / SMTP enabled

Account format:

Mail : password : phone

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Hotmail Accounts- Best Email tool for Marketing

Hotmail is a webmail service that has grown into Outlook in recent one decade. Earlier which we address as Windows Live Hotmail is now redirected towards the Windows Outlook Live. Hotmail is mail service provider and users can access it from anywhere in the world through a web browser. The root of Hotmail lies within the world’s leading IT service provider, Microsoft. But before that, it was launched by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1995 and later on, undertaken by Microsoft in 1997. The population of Hotmail users have reached over 100 million and became one of the most popular webmail services by the time it reaches 2001.

The highlighted letter in HoTMaiL is the acronym of HTML. The main function of Hotmail used to be to send and receive mail by opening the mail in the browser. Along with basic features, Hotmail contains the distinctive features such as spam filter, enhance virus scanning and storage up to the limit of 250 MB. Along with technical features, Hotmail was also composed of schedule calendar and contact saving list in an address book. Users also have the option to upgrade their Hotmail account by paying the subscription fee. In 2013, Microsoft has shifted its brand name from Hotmail to Outlook. But that doesn’t stop Microsoft to employ the same features and facilities that used to provide during its Hotmail days.

Hotmail Features

  • Top Notch Security: The A-level security is the highlight in Windows Live Hotmail. Earlier it was there but only limited to "sign in" to save users accreditations from a phishing attack. But later on, HTTPS has made its way in Hotmail for the whole session, i.e. for signing in and (perusing/sending) messages.
  • Mobility of Huge files: Joining hands of Hotmail with Skydrive makes it conceivable to send up to 10 GB data in a single mail. The file is facilitated by Skydrive as a host which offers you 25 GB of free space. When you send the large files over email, the recipient ust gets the URL of that document. At the point when the recipient clicks on the connection, he/she can download the document. The recipient can download the content without having an account on Skydrive.
  • Easy Filter: Hotmail contains the easy way of filtering the information. Hotmail allows the filtering of emails with social updates, regular contacts and various groups created by the users.
  • Attractive Conversation View: Whenever the mails are back to back to the conversation then Hotmail is the often organize the mails into a conversation so that user doesn't have any hassle in looking for the separate mails from a particular conversation set. This discussion occurred by sending messages forward and backward between various individuals. Presently you need to view every one of those discussions at one place. It's conceivable in Hotmail with the new "conversation” view. Click on "Arrange by" catch given on the right side and choose "conversation" in the drop down menu. It will show you the entire discussion. When you read the message, it shows the entire discussion history alongside date and time.
  • Viewing, Editing and Sharing of Office Docs: Hotmail allows you to share, alter, view and archive the MS Office applications without downloading it in PC. You should simply email any document or PowerPoint presentation to yourself. You could open this report anywhere in anyplace. Since the document is available in Hotmail cloud, you needn't need to open with your PC. You can see your presentation or edit in the Office web application. It automatically saved in Skydrive by after the saving of changes. You could likewise run the slideshow without having Office on your computer.
  • Live views of active mails: Individuals can send video links, Flickr pictures and so on in the email. To watch them, you have to open the connection in another tab or a window. New Hotmail automatically identifies the link, includes a description and thumbnail, and let you see the video appropriate inside the email interface. Hotmail supports the popular video sharing app i.e. Youtube and Hulu. Likewise, you can view Flickr images and slideshow within the inbox. Hotmail also identifies the tracking number of postal services and provide the details of each post.
  • View Send Images: The photo button in the left sidebar that falls between the attachment and docs which are utilized to attach large number images and photographs in the mail itself. Every picture get uploaded to Skydrive and the recipient gets the link. You can see an interactive slideshow of pictures, download them on your PC (no Windows email ID required) and furthermore add a comment to them (Windows live ID required).
  • Effective Search Auto: To search precise mails, Hotmail has included the complete auto-search feature. Simply type few letters and it suggests you different accommodating terms consequently.
  • Sweep: you can deal with the inbox mess utilizing this feature. When you get some unwanted content, you should simply check the mail, click on "Sweep" option and choose to Move all from or Delete all from. If you need to move every unwanted content to another folder with the aim that you can see them later then select the alternative "Move all from". You can likewise choose the option "Also move future mails" to affirm that in future you'll not get any email content from a similar organization in your inbox.

Hotmail vs Gmail

When it comes to email market Microsoft and Google is the leading figure that gave tough competition to each other in every area. Hence, it is quite natural that Gmail and Hotmail have always a front runner and gave one on one exceptional performance to its users.






Ad Type

Small Text Ad

Large Ad with graphics

Storage Space for Send Items

10 Mb

20 Mb

Organizing Skills



Message Preview

Full Preview


Storage Space

10 GB





Account Expiration

9 months after inactivity

9 months after inactivity

Mail Access

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), POP

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP, POP

Attachment Limit

25 MB (10 GB via SkyDrive)

25 MB (10 GB via Google Drive)

Email Forwarding Feature



Other Social Linking

Connect with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Advantages of Hotmail Account

  • Socially Active: Hotmail is useful in contact administration since it connects with all integral social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and send email reminders for birthdays and other social events: so you don't need to remember everything or even write down in your own diary.
  • Aliases Creation: Hotmail through offers the capacity to make assumed names for your Hotmail account. With the address of aliases, your email will show an alternate email name when logging in with any Microsoft device. You can have a different email address for various mailing needs without the need of making new email Id by entering an alternate username or password. You can utilize a single password for your aliase addresses.
  • Introduction of Exchange ActiveSync Support: Exchange ActiveSync is a program initiated exclusively for the corporate client base with a specific aim to connection contacts, mail, and schedule. offers free Exchange ActiveSync support. If Gmail encourages the utilization of paid Google apps whereas Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is not absolutely free.
  • Minimal Ad Appearance: Think practically, isn’t it annoying and disturbing that ad pops out in middle of any work. The Hotmail account won't indicate half as much ads as other mail services do, and as per surveys, they are 60% less. This by itself is a noteworthy motivation to pick Hotmail over other email services.
  • Microsoft Office Support: Despite the fact that you can open and edit Office documents in Gmail as well, Hotmail has more document similarity and offers coordinate Microsoft office support. Hotmail permits you to open Word documents in Skydrive while appreciating the customized Word interface. This document can be downloaded, edited, transferred again to the cloud and even sent again by means of Hotmail in the original format.
  • Inclusion of Skype: Hotmail has it made it easy to associate with the friends and distant relatives utilizing Skype that enable by Hotmail inbox incorporating of Skype. So you have a chat window and video tool for better communication with your friends and family.
  • Media Sharing: With SkyDrive, the client will have the access to connect with the web and utilize it from anyplace. The client can store 10GB information and access the information from any area. It is convenient to share the videos and documents to your contacts list utilizing this benefit of Hotmail Account.
  • Efficient Web Apps: You can utilize the different office web apps without installing it on your PC. You will have the access to get to the web applications on the web and utilize it for different individual and group work requirement.
  • Social Media Synchronization: Contact management is made simple as the user can access to adjust the Hotmail inbox with all the online social networking accounts. You can send notifications of social event and birthdays to your contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter utilizing the Hotmail account. You can save the important dates and occasions in the personal calendar offered by the mail service and there is no requirement for you to recollect the important dates and occasions. You can chat with friends and contacts just by remaining in a window Hotmail account.
  • Personal Folder Creation: The capacity to make individual folders in Hotmail mail account helps the user to view the required messages effortlessly when they require a specific mail or message.

Hotmail in Business Marketing and Promotion

Promotion and marketing are an integral part of any business as it keeps any organization in the top list of the client. Hotmail is a standout amongst the most popular and required mail service provider and does not involve in the extensive campaign. It depends vigorously on its viral marketing policy to make and increase the visibility amongst the clients.

Word-of-mouth or viral marketing is one of the popular and preferred marketing tactics that is effectively carried out by Hotmail. It has helped in enhancing communication through cutting edge innovation by making viral ads in the type of appealing images, creative video clips, content, and pictures. Each of the users of Hotmail is an automatic and programmed businessperson as he/she indirectly helps in its promotion among different user/clients.

Hotmail Emailing for business is an effective tool to propagate the aim of your business. The component in Hotmail email marketing is Hotmail Email Hosting.It is a reliable and secure tool for any business. Hotmail email hosting permits site owners to utilize their own domain name with the service and to modify the interface to facilitate the branding of that business. Along these lines, a site owner can utilize the usefulness of Hotmail in a package along with an URL that is accustomed and comfortable to utilize.

Hotmail email hosting includes

  • Setup and Provisioning of Hotmail email
  • Brand Logo uploading
  • Single Sign On
  • Configuration of DNS
  • Configuration of email for Hotmail mail servers
  • Configuration of MX Records and CNAME for the utilization of Hotmail Apps
  • Configuration of A records for the existing member of Hotmail web hosting
  • Configuration of URLs

The business Hotmail email address is laced with a handful of benefits that is beneficial in the profit of business that too in the long run.

  • Professionalism and Credibility
  • Making of a Brand
  • Unforgettable
  • Can keep the same address for eternity
  • URL as per the department of an organization

Buy Hotmail Account

When a simple email has such an opportunity and advantages, hence, it is important to utilize as much as can to witness the substantial growth in business. The marketing is key to have a successful business. If you have an Hotmail Account, then waste your time by investing in single Hotmail Account. Instead of that, buy bulk Hotmail accounts that will contain the maximum number of friends and contacts. The bulk Hotmail Accounts comes in the package various amounts that succeed in 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000 accounts which come in the format of Excel/CSV/ Notepad Report. If you opt for the marketing strategy of the mantra “buy Hotmail Account” then it will lead a successful marketing plan in the long run because it sticks to a strategy for a longer period of time and provide stability to the market. It provides the advantages in two aspects:

  • These Hotmail Accounts improve the market value
  • These Hotmail Accounts are fresh accounts hence they are safe and attached with a valid number
  • Each of the accounts is provided with unique IP address, therefore, no chance of conflicting of accounts.

The Bulk Hotmail Account is mostly utilized for social network registration and Search Engine Marketing. Other usages include the anonymous proxies which have random names and passwords. Buying Hotmail Accounts are synonymous with the safe and secure path to business marketing as Hotmail account have umpteen benefits of its own and a guaranteed success.